Scientific Calculator

1.0 Introduction

2.0 Scientific Mode

3.0 Graphs Mode

4.0 Equation Mode

5.0 Base Mode

6.0 Complex Mode

7.0 Matrix Mode


1.0 Introduction

Single key may have one or more commands and each command will be activated based on the pressed key combination. Notation       is used to represent a key in the calculator.

Key1 + Key2 means press Key1 button, then press Key2 button.

Key Text Color

Key Combination


Press the key after pressing SHIFT key or apply a long press on the key


Press the key after pressing ALPHA key

Moving between expression could be done with left and right arrow keys. Expression history could be browsed through up and down arrow keys.

2.0 Scientific Mode

2.1 Move to Scientific mode

Default mode of the calculator is Scientific. Mode can be moved to scientific mode by pressing MODE key and selecting Scientific Mode from the popped up window.

2.2 Change the angle unit

Press the DRG button and select the angle unit from the menu


2.3 Converting Angles

E.g. Converting 90 degrees to Radian.

Move to Radian angle mode by pressing DRG and Selecting Radian
Press 9 + 0 + drg. and select degrees and press =. Then answer will be given as 1.570 in radian.


2.4 Getting Mathematical Constants

Press Const button and select the required constant from the popped up window. Constant name and value of the constant is shown the list.


2.5 Convert Units

Long press Conv button and select the unit required

E.g. convert 1 inches to cm

Press 1 + shift + Conv and select in → cm and answer will be given as 2.54


2.6 Scientific operators

This calculator provides mostly used scientific mathematical operators and most of them are Self-explanatory and will not mentioned in detail.


2.6 Storing and Recalling values in variables

Values can be stored in 10 Variables named ‘A’, ‘B’, ‘C’, ‘D’, ‘E’, ‘F’, ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’, ‘M’.

E.g. To store the result of 15 + 47 into Variable ‘A’, press the follwing key combination.

1 + 5 + + +4 + 7 + SHIFT + STO + A

Eg. To recall value in Variable ‘A’, Press the following key combination.


2.7 Working with Fractions

Fraction number can be entered with d/c button. When that button is pressed, display will show two blocks to enter numerator and denominator.

Once calculation is done after pressing  =  button, answer from fraction format could be get by pressing d/c again

2.8 Enter Angle With Degree Minute Second Format

Angle from DMS format can be entered with ° ′ ″ Button

Calculated answer can be converted to DMS format by pressing ° ′ ″ button again.

2.9 Change Answer format.

Answer could be formated in three ways.

1. Fix – (Fixed number of decimal points)

2. Sci – (Answer will be shown as a value into a a power of ten)

3. Norm (Answer will shown as normal. If the space is not enough to show the full value answer might be shown from Sci format)

Long Press 0.00 Key or Press SHIFT + (*) and get the menu and select the format. Number of decimal points could be changed with the arrow button availabe in the selections.

2.10 Working with percentage calculations

1. How to calculate 12% of 250 ?

Enter 2 5 0 x 1

2. How to calculate the price after 12% of tax is added to 250 ?

Enter 2 5 0 + 1 2%

3. How to calculate the price after 12% of discount is added to 250 ?

Enter 2 5 0 - 1 2%

4. What is the percentage value of 5/6 ?

Enter 5÷6%

2.11 Getting log for any base

To get log value of x in base n (Replace n and x with required values)

Enter Log(n,x)


3.0 Graph Mode

3.1 Drawing Graphs

Press Mode and select the Graphs Mode.

Enter the function. For example type Cos X and press  =  button. Then new window will open and it will show the graph.

Multiple functions can be entered with  : 

For example if Cos X and Sin X need to be drawn together, enter the expression Cos X : Sin X and press  = 


3.2 Sharing Graphs

Press the share button available in the graph window and select the destination which need to be shared.


4.0 Equation Mode

4.1 Solving Linear Equations

Press Mode and select the Linear Equation Mode. Linear equations can be solved only if sufficient number of equations are given.

To solve following equation

X + Y = 3

X – Y = 5

Enter the expression X+Y=3:X-Y=5 and press  =  button. Then answer will be shown as X = 4. Press again  =  . Then answer shown as Y = -1.

Make sure each linear equation is separated with  :  button and use special  =  button for enter = in the expression which can be found in the middle right corner of the calculator.

4.2 Solving Polynomial equations

Enter the polynomial equation in simple form like x^2+5x−7=0 and press =  button. First possible answer will be shown. Press  =  button again to get other possible answers.

5.0 Base Mode

5.1 Move to base mode

Press Mode and select the Base Mode. Once moved to base mode, required base could be selected by pressing


BIN mode


OCT mode


DEC mode


HEX mode

Please note that only variables ‘X’, ‘Y’, ‘Z’, ‘M’ are supported to store values in Base mode.

5.2 Valid Number ranges

Valid Number ranges for each mode is given below. If an out of range value encountered while processing the entered expression Math Error! message will be shown. Values are represented in two’s compliment. Valid range for binary mode is from -32768 to 32767 and all other modes are from -2147483648 to 2147483647.

Mode Range Value Based on Mode
BIN Min 1000,0000,0000,0000
Max 111,1111,1111,1111
OCT Min 200,0000,0000
Max 177,7777,7777
DEC Min -2147483648
Max 2147483647
HEX Min 80000000

5.3 Converting numbers between bases
E.g. Get the DEC value of 101011112

  • Move to DEC base mode (Long press DEC key)
  • Type following and answer will be given as 175

b + 1 + 0 + 1 + 0 + 1 + 1 + 1 + 1 + =


5.4 Specifying multiple bases in an expression

Expression could contains values from any base and a prefix need to be specified before the value as below

Required Base















E.g. Answer for 101012 + A2B16 could be obtained by pressing following key combination. Answer will be given from the current base.

b + 1 + 0 + 1+ 0 + 1 +h + A +2 +B + =


5.5 Getting Binary operation results

This calculator supports following operations and expression could be entered as usual and press = to get the result.







Exclusive Nor


Exclusive OR














Left Shift


Right Shift


E.g. Getting the result of 112 AND 012
Press the following key combinations.

  • Move to bin mode   SHIFT + BIN
  • Enter the expression 1 + 1 + AND + 0 + 1 + =

6.0 Complex Mode

6.1 Inputting complex numbers

Complex number can be entered with the help of   i   key with rectangular format (x + y i) or   ∠   key with polar(x ∠ θ) format. Complex number mode supports some common math operations and there are special math operation which can be performed with below keys.



Complex number absolute value


Argument of complex number


Conjugate of a complex number


6.2 Changing answer format

Rectangular and Polar format of complex number can be set. Open answer format dialog with   0.00   key. There you can select rectangular or polar format. Based on that selection answer will be shown. If you long press the   =   key, answer will be shown in other format.

7.0 Matrix Mode

7.1 Initializing matrix

Press Dim key to get Matrix Dimension Dialog. In that dialog select the matrix need to be changed. Then Select the dimension required in the middle matrix box. Just scroll it and dimension will be shown in the dialog title. You can initialize more than one matrix at the same time by selecting other matrices. Once you correctly selected the dimension press apply button. Then calculator will show you the changed matrix for editing. Here you can select matrix dimension up to 6×6. Once you changed the dimension of a matrix all data in cells will reseted.

7.2 Edit Matrix

Press Edit key and select the matrix which you need to edit from the shown list. Once you selected the matrix, calculator will show the matrix in edit mode. Initially it will point the 0,0 cell and you can enter value there and press = button. Then next cell will be selected. If you need to change the cell manually you can select that by just touching the cell.

7.3 Common Matrix operations

Matrix can be selected by pressing Mat button and selecting the required matrix from the shown list. In the following instructions MatA means MatrixA selected through that list.

  • Matrix Scalar multiplication

  • MatA + x + scalar + =

  • Matrix Matrix multiplication

  • MatA + x + MatB + =

  • Matrix Addition

  • MatA + + + MatB + =

  • Matrix Subtraction

  • MatA + + MatB + =

  • Matrix Determinant

  • Det + MatA + =

  • Matrix Inverse

  • MatA + X-1 + =

  • Matrix Transpose

  • Tra + MatA + =